Security credentials, Authentication and Authorization. Uses OAuth2.

Fulfillment Service

Placing orders at warehouses, fulfilling those orders (ERP or Pick Pack Ship) and proof of deliveries.

Report Service

Printed / banded reports. Owns report storage, generation, and seeding rights that users may be given.

Notification Service

Notifying users when their attention is needed.

Reference Data Service

Reference (meta) data for: users, facilities, programs, products, schedules, etc.

Reference UI

The Reference UI for web-based access through a web-browser. Compiles together all the assets that make up the OpenLMIS-UI. See the build process documentation to understand exactly how the UI is compiled.

Requisition Service

Requisitions (pull-based), Requisition Templates for requesting more stock on a schedule through an administrative hierarchy.

Stock Management Service

Electronic stock cards and stock transactions.