API documentation

Logging in with the Live Documentation

The live documentation links connect directly to our Swagger docs on our CI server. To use the API you’ll first need to get an access token from the Auth service, and then you’ll need to give that token when using one of the RESTful operations.

Obtaining an access token:

  1. goto the Auth service’s POST /api/oauth/token
  2. click on Authorize in the top right of the page
  3. in the box that has popped-up, enter username user-client and password changeme
  4. click Authorize under password
  5. enter the username administrator and password password
  6. click Try it out!
  7. In the Response body box, copy the UUID. e.g. "access_token": "a93bcab7-aaf5-43fe-9301-76c526698898" copy a93bcab7-aaf5-43fe-9301-76c526698898 to use later.
  8. Paste the UUID you just copied into any endpoint’s access_token field.

Auth Service

Security credentials, Authentication and Authorization. Uses OAuth2.

Static Documentation for Auth API

Reference Data Service

Provides the reference data for the rest of the processes: facilities, programs, products, etc.

Static Documentation for Reference Data API

Requisition Service

Requisition (pull) based replenishment process.

Static Documentation for Requisition API

Fulfillment Service

Includes the basics of fulfillment.

Static Documentation for Fulfillment API

Notification Service

Notifying users when their attention is needed.

Static Documentation for Notification API