3.12.1 Patch Release Notes - Dec 13, 2021

Status: Stable

3.12.1 Patch release is recommended for users of OpenLMIS version 3.12.0 because the patch includes a bug fix for invalid pagination on /api/validSources and timeout on /api/validDestinations endpoints.

Patch Release Notes

3.12.1 Patch Release contains the bug fix for

For information about future planned releases, see the Living Product Roadmap. Pull requests and contributions are welcome.


Compatible with OpenLMIS 3.12.0

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OpenLMIS Reference Distribution 3.12.1

Known Bugs

No known additional bugs were included in this patch release.

To report a bug, see Reporting Bugs.

New Features

No new features were introduced with this patch release.

API Changes

API changes can be found in each service CHANGELOG.md file, found in the root directory of the service repository.


No manual performance testing was conducted for this patch release.

Test Coverage

OpenLMIS 3.12.1 was tested using the established OpenLMIS Release Candidate process.

Patch Release 3.12 RC1 Testing

As part of this process, full manual test cycles were executed for each release candidate published. Any critical or blocker bugs found during the release candidate were resolved in a bug fix cycle with a full manual test cycle executed before releasing the final version 3.12.1. For more details about test executions and bugs found for this release please see .

All Changes by Component

Version 3.12.1 of the Reference Distribution contains updated versions of the components listed below. The Reference Distribution bundles these component together using Docker to create a complete OpenLMIS instance. Each component has its own own public GitHub repository (source code) and DockerHub repository (release image). The Reference Distribution and components are versioned independently; for details see Versioning and Releasing.


Many organizations and individuals around the world have contributed to OpenLMIS version 3 by serving on our committees (Governance, Product and Technical), requesting improvements, suggesting features and writing code and documentation. Please visit our GitHub repos to see the list of individual contributors on the OpenLMIS codebase. If anyone who contributed in GitHub is missing, please contact the Community Manager.

Further Resources

Please see the Implementer Toolkit on the OpenLMIS website to learn more about best practicies in implementing OpenLMIS. Also, learn more about the OpenLMIS Community and how to get involved!